Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Eustis principal, former head coach Cannon cleared in investigation, October 28, 2011

Three separate investigations into anonymous emails to Lake County Schools claiming Eustis administrators and coaching staff knew a football player was drunk but allowed him to play in a Sept. 16 game cleared most of the school’s coaching staff and all its administrators.

According to a report dated Oct. 4 and released by LCS, non-faculty assistant coach Ryan Wooden suspected the player, a kicker, had been drinking because he smelled alcohol but failed to mention it to administrators.  Wooden has been reprimanded.

The investigations also disclaimed the email report that the player drank “thirteen beers” and “was vomiting, could barely walk and was slurring his words.” The complaints said all the players and coaches knew about the student’s intoxication but allowed him to play. It further claimed the coaches, including then head coach Jonathan Cannon, and principal Al Larry covered up the situation.

Cannon was fired as Eustis’ coach, but the report states his release had nothing to do with the student drinking.

After reviewing game videos and conducting interviews, the investigators concluded there was no evidence the student was stumbling, vomiting or slurring his words. After receiving two phone calls and an email, Larry talked to the player on Sept. 19 and the player admitted to him in writing that he had three beers before the game.  The student has been disciplined.

“There is no evidence to indicate that any coach or administrator engaged in a cover up,” the report concludes.

Joe Williams
Sentinel Staff
Orlando Sentinel

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